Tirupur, the knitwear capital of India has seen a meteoric rise in the past decades in terms of industrial growth and also in generating employment opportunities for the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce.

Besides providing a substantial contribution to the GDP numbers and national growth, it is in the sphere of employment generation the industry offers a gamut of opportunities at various levels as designers, merchandisers, and quality control and production supervisors and so on.

As the demand for manpower in the apparel industry was predicted to grow by leaps and bounds, the knitwear entrepreneurs and exporters of the Tirupur region, sought to meet this demand through establishing an institution exclusively for knitwear technical education.

Their combined vision was realized by the birth of NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute in the year 1997. The institution was established with the ideal of offering courses related to the needs of the knitwear industry to meet the demands of manpower offered by it. The uniqueness of NIFT-TEA is that it is registered under the Societies Act and it is run as a not-for-profit institution with a noble ideal of skilling the younger generation with employable talents and makes them an industry-ready work-force.